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A & A Accessories and Repair. Prices vary based on a number of factors, including the piercing type, location, technique, studio location and popularity, the professional’s skill level,.
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  • Piercing Kits.
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    She planned to get her ears pierced at Nana Piercing in Hongdae, Seoul when she noticed a whole wall of autographs from some of her bias idols! Judging from the signatures, five Stray Kids members.

  • Once you’ve got the hang of stacking multiple earrings, it’s important to arrange a stack that looks balanced and cohesive.
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  • Signature Blowout $40 & up.
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  • Explore Kits: Nose Piercing Diamond 18ct Gold Rhodium Plated 9ct Yellow Gold 9ct Gold Rhodium Plated 9ct Gold Rhodium Plated Birthstone.
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