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Expressions [ edit ] As a vector, jerk j can be expressed as the first time derivative of acceleration , second time derivative of velocity , and third time derivative of position :. The reason for a new type of derivative is that when the input of a function is made up of multiple variables, we want to see how the function changes as we let just one of those variables.
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  • The n th derivative is also called the derivative of order n (or n th-order derivative: first-, second-, third-order derivative, etc.
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    Step 3: To obtain the derivative, click the "calculate" button.

  • Then once you have dy/dx it's pretty simple to find the second and above derivative.
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  • The second derivative is defined by the limit definition of the derivative of the first derivative.
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    The derivative of f ′ (if it has one) is written f ′′ and is called the second derivative of f.

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  • Differentials have the symbols dy and dx.
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    The second derivative can be written f'' instead of f^ {\prime\prime} and here it's easy to see which one is better.

  • Then once you have dy/dx it's pretty.
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